On this page we will provide updates through the year about the progression of our brand new building:


Building update November 2018:

  • Works are progressing well on the new Ark Blake Academy
  • The foundations have been completed
  • The steel frame of the building is going up so you can see the building starting to take shape


Key dates

Contractor appointed March 2017
Planning application Spring 2017
Planning permission determined Summer 2017
Work begins on site Summer 2017
Schools open September 2020


Building update February 2019:

  • The steel frame of the building is nearly complete
  • The floors are going in
  • The scaffolding is starting to go up around the building.  There will be protection around the scaffolding also going up so it will be hard to see what is happening inside until it is removed towards the end of the year



Building update March 2019:

  • Scaffolding is still going up around the building
  • Some temporary electrics are going up inside the building so works can be done inside whilst the scaffolding is up
  • The floors are nearly all in

Building update April 2019:

Work is still progressing well on the new Ark Blake Academy building.

  • The scaffolding is now complete
  • Work on the roof has started
  • Windows and bricks will start to be installed from mid-April