Welcome from our Principal

Welcome to Ark Blake Academy. Thank you for your interest in our new school.

From September 2020, Ark Blake Academy will provide an exceptional education for children in East Croydon. We are a new school with strong values and the highest expectations for the achievement of every child in our community, both in and out of the classroom.

Our mission is that all our pupils will fulfil their unique academic and personal potential at Ark Blake, before moving on to continue their successes at one of the best universities, or to begin a rewarding career of their choice. A purposeful, supportive and disciplined learning environment will ensure that at Ark Blake, every member of the school community flourishes, pupils and staff alike. We will expect the best from each pupil in terms of learning and progress, built on the foundations of their excellent effort, behaviour, attendance and organisation.

Each Ark school is guided by Ark’s Six Pillars, allowing each pupil to develop the knowledge, skills and personal qualities to become the best they can be in all aspects of their life. At Ark Blake, these Pillars will support all aspects of school life and help us build another Outstanding Ark school. Through our values of hard work, aspiration, resilience, respect and kindness, at Ark Blake we will create the confident, independent, happy and successful young people of tomorrow.

Ark Blake’s rigorous, academic curriculum will stimulate and challenge pupils. Learning will be planned from the starting point of the expectations at the best universities’ in each subject and we will teach the most powerful knowledge and skills. Our curriculum will deliver excellence in the full range of subjects in our brand-new facilities. Our wide range of extra-curricular activities will be exciting, enjoyable and enriching. We will find each pupil’s talents and nurture their enjoyment and love of learning.

Ark Blake’s teachers will be subject experts and provide inspiration, in addition to high quality teaching and assessment. They will ensure that each pupil is fully engaged in learning, challenged and making excellent progress.

Our extended school day will give pupils the time and support they need to ensure their learning and development. Our enrichment programme will offer a range of activities, allowing pupils to gain confidence and develop interests that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Ark Blake will open in September 2020 with 180 places for our first cohort of year 7 pupils.

If you believe in our values and are searching for a school with the highest of expectations, both in and out of the classroom, then Ark Blake will deliver the successful education and opportunities you are seeking for your child. At Ark Blake, your child will be known as an individual and empowered to achieve their best.

Please join us at one of our open evenings or mornings to find out more.

Peter Shaw

Founding Principal