Our Vision

At Ark Blake Academy, we believe that each of our pupils is born with the unique potential for greatness which they can take responsibility to achieve. We believe that by living according to our values, we can lead lives that bring fulfilment and strengthen our community.  

Ark Blake will provide a first class, academic education, built on foundations of strongly held values. We will empower our pupils to take the responsibility to achieve academic excellence and flourish as confident, articulate, responsible citizens, who live according to their values.  


Our Mission

All our pupils will fulfil their unique academic and personal potential.  

Every pupil will go on to university or follow the rewarding career of their choice. 


Our Values

At Ark Blake our values will be strongly held and central in all that we do. Our school aim reminds us that it is by living according to our values that we can lead fulfilling lives and strengthen our community.  


Ark Blake’s values are:  




Kindness and  



Our values will be talked about at every opportunity and will be the basis for the character traits that we expect our pupils to show. Our pupils will be brave and ready to take the opportunities life presents. Our pupils will show leadership, taking the initiative and leading by example. Our pupils will be aspirational, aiming high and knowing that high expectations and hard work pay off. Our pupils will be kind in word and deeds, recognising that all are worthy of respect. Our pupils will show endeavour, working hard and navigating obstacles in their way while maintaining a positive attitude.   


Our school aims also expresses our belief that each of our pupils is born with the unique potential for greatness for which they can take responsibility to achieve. In addition to our five Blake values, we will teach our pupils that it is through taking responsibility that they can apply all they have learned to build a fulfilling life and have positive impact on their community and the world around them.