We are delighted to introduce you to Ark Blake, your brand new non-selective secondary academy in Croydon. Ark Blake will be the latest new start school in Ark’s South London region in 2020.

We believe Ark Blake will be an exceptional school from its very first day and that our founding pupils will benefit hugely from being the only year group in the first year, as has been shown in our other new schools. We believe local Croydon children should have access to a standard of education that is a match for the very best schools in the country, state or private, and this is what we will deliver. Every child has the ability to be a knowledgeable, articulate, and successful individual and we will work tirelessly with our pupils to realise their potential and enable them to go on to the best universities and courses.

Ark Blake will have the highest standards for every member of the school community. First and foremost, we will have a calm and purposeful learning environment. As part of this, we will expect the best from our pupils in terms of their effort, organisation and behaviour. Our teaching staff will be subject experts who provide high quality teaching and our rigorous academic curriculum will stimulate and challenge pupils. Our new building will offer first class facilities.

Parents, if you share our values of high expectations, strong discipline and a rigorous academic curriculum, please apply for your children to start school with us in September 2020.